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About Us

We here at Simulator Vibes believe that it is important to provide a welcoming community for people who enjoy music. We strive not only to give you (the listener) an enjoyable time while listening, we also try to innovate the online radio station interactions.

We try to achieve this by doing the following:

A-Quality discord

  1. User friendly.
  2. Aimed at having fun.
  3. Active friendly presenters.
  4. Active staff.
  5. Clear moderation guidelines.

And yes we listed the obvious things, but here I would dare you to take a look around your current Discord channels. Tell me that all of your channels have these basics in place? 

It's not only these basics that we have. They are also the foundation that will allow us to grow.


All stations need to be managed. We at Simulator Vibes listen to the input from our presenters. We hold regular meetings (at least 6 times a year), and we try to keep presenters motivated by using a contribution point system.

There are only a few levels defined at the station to keep the communication short, they are:

  • Discord Moderators
  • Presenters
  • Administration

The Administration Team consist of members who regularly talk to each other and discuss improvements with the developer team. The developer team is open to suggestions from everyone at which point the developer team will present the suggestions to the administration team to see if a suggestion can be implemented.

As the team grows, there will be more middle people to prevent having an Administration team of 20 people 🧐. But we'll get to that when we get to that.

Future development

We welcome any ideas to improve and if you have any exerpience with either radio stations, development and management and you're willing to help, please feel free to contact one of the staff on Discord or via the site. 

You can also help with giving us ideas. If you have a brilliant idea for a feature that you think this station should have, let us know and we'll see if we can put it in our roadmap. So that we can truly become the station that gives you the vibes for your simulation.