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We ourselfs don't believe in custom development of integrations with modded content. The reason why we don't believe in it is because we can't guarantee that we will be able to keep the plugins up-to-date and keep everything working.

Game updates can break mods or radio applications inside games, new development features to the station will not be automatically or readily available inside the mods/integrations. Keeping any custom developed application up-to-date costs way too much time. 

Time which we can spend on doing other stuff which benefits other people.

But there's a but somewhere...

We are not against people making their own integrations or adding our radio station to their own gaming experience where possible.

See the right side-bare to jump to a manual which explains on how to integrate Simulator Vibes into your gaming experience (don't worry, not all integrations require you to be able to program 🤯).


Euro Truck Simulator/American Truck Simulator (SCS Software)

ETS and ATS (developed by SCS Software (, is a game that already features different online radio stations. But as with Farming Simulator, you can also add use to the list. To do this, go to your "My Documents" folder and look for the folder named "Euro Truck Simulator 2" or "American Truck Simulator". 

Then right-click the file named: live_streams (with the file extension .ssi, if you don't know what this is, don't worry. There is only 1 file in that folder with this name).

Rightclick the file and choose Open With, then choose notepad for example.

Then copy and paste the following lines into that file:

stream_data[275]: "|Simulator Vibes|Various|Eng|320|0"

 This should go just before the 2 lines with an acolade ( } ) symbol

Then change the number 275 with the number that comes after the last station in the list. Then once inside the game, the radio should be visible in the menu.

Develop your own integration

No idea why you would need a guide to develop your own integration... But hey if you need information, the best place to be is in Discord and bug Pretmaker.

Other than that you can use the previous listed listening links, or use the better one that gives some JSON information ;)

But if your integration does not support SSL encrypted traffic, then you might need to use the same URL as used in the other suggested integrations...